A Taste for Passion.

When we first came to Canada, our friends encouraged us to take our passion and to turn it into a profession. As my wife, Genoveva, likes to say, “it’s better to work towards a common goal.”

We care deeply about combining traditional recipes, with locally sourced products, to create flavours that accurately represent our homeland. I handle the chorizo and other dishes while Genoveva creates our tortillas, sopes and tamales. Our Mexican patrons say that it takes them back and our Canadian friends say that it’s introduced them to a new world of authentic flavours. What an honour it is to give back to this wonderful community that has accepted us since we first arrived. 

The dishes we make for you are the same as what we eat at home. We hope you enjoy these creations as much as we do, and if these delicacies bring you and your family and friends closer together, then we will be forever grateful.


Alejandro Monsiváis and Genoveva Ibarra
Founders and head chefs of Mexicatessen